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Fan Experience

An Austin Spurs game is more than just professional basketball, it is also family fun entertainment.  Whether it be participating in an on-court contest, giving Da Bull a high five, or cheering along with the Hype Squad, you and your family are sure to have a great time.

Here is what our fans had to say…

"Thank you so much for last night's opportunity! The kids had a blast, and it was special for me to get to see them having so much fun. From the free posters, to the confetti eggs, to the pictures with dancers, players and mascot, to the "Kid Zone", etc., etc, etc. It was all great! Thanks again for the cool opportunity, and for my fantastic shirt."

– Cindi, Running Brushy Choir

"Thanks Spurs for an awesome season! Our Jr. League experience has been incredible. The coaches clinic was terrific and our teams loved the players clinic. The Saturday games were so much fun! GO SPURS!!!"

– BJ Linam, Hillcrest Baptist Church

"I wanted to say how much my son enjoyed having his party at the Spurs game. You guys really know how to do it up right for kids. They had a blast. I will make sure other parents know how professionally everything is done so they can plan parties for their kids too."

– Sean Whaling

"We were amazed at the intensity and energy of the game. The players were going full throttle all game and yet were very engaging both before and during the game. We recognized some marquee college players that we had never gotten the privilege to see up close. All-in-all it was an absolute blast and we look forward to going back soon."

– Derek Dion, Anderson Mills Baptist Church