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Mobile Ticketing

1. Download the San Antonio Spurs App (Available for iPhone or Android)

  1. Open the San Antonio Spurs App and click "tickets" (located at the bottom)

2. Accessing Your Austin Spurs Ticket(s)

  1. Choose account manager and click 'my account'
  2. Sign in with your Austin Spurs Account
    1. You will need the email address linked to your Austin Spurs account and your password. If you do not have a password, you can create one
  3. Click on the event to pull up your tickets
    1. You can also add it to your apple wallet or google pay
    2. In addition, you can swipe to see the additional tickets in the event

3. Transferring Your Austin Spurs Ticket(s)

  1. Within your event and ticket, click transfer
  2. Select the seat #(s) you want to transfer and click transfer to
  3. Manually enter a recipient
  4. Enter information and click transfer ticket
    1. The recipient of these tickets will have to accept the transferred tickets

4. Accepting Tickets

  1. An email will be sent to the person you have chosen to transfer ticket(s) to notify them they have received a ticket transfer
    1. Tap on accept tickets
  2. Your mobile browser will open, and the person will sign in (or create an account) using their Spurs Account Credentials
  3. Tickets are automatically accepted and are now available to manage in the person's account
  4. Follow the above instructions (Accessing Your Spurs Ticket(s)) for viewing and managing tickets within the Spurs Mobile App

5. Managing Ticket(s) via Desktop

  1. Go to
  2. Under tickets select Account Manager
  3. Click Sign in
  4. Enter Login Credentials
    1. The email address tied to your Austin Spurs account and your password
  5. Select manage tickets
  6. Select the event you would like to manage
  7. Manage tickets for event here
    1. Transfer

Helpful Tips

Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the Spurs App downloaded to your smartphone.

If you are attending with guests, transfer (forward) each person their own ticket in advance.

Have your phone set to the highest brightness level

Make sure you have a full battery charge before you head to the arena

We highly recommend adding your tickets (and parking, if applicable) to your Apple Wallet or Google Play (if you're and Android user)