Austin Spurs Contact Information

Official Release | January 4, 2015

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Team Information:

Austin Mailing Address:

Austin Spurs
13581 Pond Springs Rd
Ste. 108
Austin, TX 78729

Phone Number: 512-236-8333

Fax Number: 512-236-8444


HEB Center at Cedar Park
2100 Avenue of the Stars
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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Front Office Personnel:

Perri Travillion

Senior Manager, Media and Community Responsibility

Allen Schlesinger

Senior Manager, Premium Sales

Justin Wynter

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Stephen Gray

Senior Manager, Ticket Sales and Service

Dexter McMarion

Premium Account Executive

Kevin Setna

Senior Account Executive

Meagan Miller

Special Projects Associate

Cody Claunch

Sales Representative

Kirstin Manka

Sales Representative

Jean-Luc Parker

Sales Representative

Tanyn Walters

Associate Manager, Business Operations

Ahnna Moore

Service & Retention Representative

Brian Hayes

Senior Game Ops Coordinator

Nic Schwarz

Sales Representative